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Forms for Candidate

Sl. No. Form Type Description  
1   Checklist of documents in connection with filing of Nomination download
2 Form-2A Nomination Form For Lok Sabha Election download(English) /download(Odia)
3 Form-2B Nomination Form For Vidhan Sabha Election download(English) / download(Odia)
4 Form-2C Nomination Form For Council Of States download
4 Form-26 Affidavits To be Submitted By the Candidates Along with Nominations Papers (English/Odia) download(English) /download(Odia)
5   Form of Oath or Affirmation (English/Odia) download(English) /download(Odia)
6 Form-5 Notice Of Withdrawal Of Candidature download
7 Form-8 Appointment Of Election Agent download
8 Form-9 Revocation Of Appointment Of Election Agent download
9 Form-10 Appointment Of Polling Agent download
10 Form-11 Revocation Of Appointment Of Polling Agent download
11 Form-18 Appointment Of Counting Agent download
12 Form-19 Revocation Of Appointment Of Counting Agents download

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